LED CREE H13 HyperLED Ersättnings KIT 7200 Lumen

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H13 med CREE HyperLED+  hel och halvljus
Marknadens vassaste framlampa.

Detta KIT ersätter dina huvudlampor med hel och halvljus
Passar bla Camaro NON RS 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
Modellerna finns i två olika styrkor, vi har valt att bara sälja den starka modellen med
38W på halvljus och 57W på helljus, tack vara dom grymma CREE XHP50, dessutom till ett
pris som tål att jämföras .

Dessa lampor slår ut halogenlampor och matchar HID i färgen vilket ger din bil ett mycket modernare
utseende samtidigt som dom trycker på riktigt fint.
Varje lampa ger hela 7200 Lumen.

Oracle och Razor
och Razor har samma tillverkare av LED-ljus till bil men här har Razor tagit styrkan till en ny nivå
där lamporna inte bara kan ersätta Halogen utan faktiskt ger mer ljus.

kontrollera att kontakterna snäpper i ordentligt, gör dom inte det kan man få ta bort två små gröna clipps
som sitter i bilens kontakt, dom gör att kontakten inte går in och låser ordentligt.
dom bryts bort med en tång eller lite mejsel.

Heat Dissipation
The unique construction and design of each bulb allows for efficient heat dissipation.
A slim fan is built into each bulb making it cool to the touch even after hours of continuous use,
unlike HID bulbs which can reach melting temperatures.

Light Pattern
Each bulb is outfitted with a concave reflector allowing for a more fluid light pattern, further light visibility,
and anti-glare against oncoming traffic. Each bulb also has both high beam and low beam functions.

Waterproof and Dustproof
The ORACLE H13 LED Headlight Bulbs are rated at an IP65 Waterproof rating, and are also dust proof and shockproof,
removing the hassle of changing bulbs due to shattering.

Product Specs:

Housing Material: 1070 Aluminium
Power: 38W low beam, 57W high beam
LED chips: CREE XHP50
Input Curr.@12v: 3.2-3.4A
Raw Lumens: 7269LM High Beam, 5086LM Low Beam each bulb
LED Quantity: 3PCS per bulb
Voltage: DC 9 - 32V
Beam Angle: 360°
Lifespan: 50,000hrs
Stable Temperature while working: <60℃
Cooling System: Internal Waterproof Fan
Color Temp.: 6000K
Canbus LED Headlight
The best performance in heatsinking
2 years warranty

Product Contents:
2 x RAZOR H13 LED Headlight Replacement Bulbs
2 x H13 Compact LED Drivers

Ang Oracle fråga/Problem

Just received my led headlight kit from AAC and I was stoked!
Figured out I had to remove the piece off the led headlight bulb and attach to the headlight housing before u can screw the led bulb into the headlamp housing.
So I connect the bulb to the led driver that worked fine but then when it comes to the driver to factory harness connector it won't snap into place like the factory bulb does.
It'll slide into the connector but there's nothing to hold it into place.
And yes I have the red slide lock back and I've tried pushing down on the release tab on the factory connector but nothing will work

Huge shoutout to sycraft for helping me out with this issue,
AAC offered me a full refund for the issues but won't be necessary now I'm gonna keep them.
Turned out there are two tiny green clips inside the factory harness that have to be broke off with a pocket screwdriver.

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