Elektronikbox Rear Light EU-V MC

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Almost every bike what runs in US have a brake light / indicator combination in the way, that 2 lamps works as brake light and as indicator as well. This makes a conversion of an imported bike according to the requirements in the EU a bit tricky and cost intensive due to some additional wiring and workshop time.


The Rear Light EU-V is a module for vintage bikes w/o emergency flasher function. It converts the two signals from the original flasher / brake light combination in four separate outputs for brake light / rear light and indicators. A conversion of an US bike according to the requirements in the EU is much easier and less cost intensive with this new module.


A brakelight dim function can be activated. In this case is the brightness of the brakelight dimmed down to 30% if no brakeswitch is be pressed. This allow the user just wire one cable to the brake light. You can activate the function if you wire this cable to ground or disable this function if the green cable is unconnected.


A brakelight flasher function can be activated by wiring the orange cable to ground. The brake light will flash 3 times fast, before it stays on. This increase the visibility of your bike for the following traffic and is a safety plus.


Rear Light EU-V


You might need to wire resistors from the indicator inputs to ground if you have a bike with traditional light bulbs. These resistors let the BCM module "think", that the light bulbs are ok due to the burned power in the resistors. The BCM module will increase the flasher frequency to the indicators or to the dashboard indicator led without the resistors and show you that the bulb is defect. However, the BCM module doesn´t know it better in this case ;-) . The most bulbs have 21 Watt, what result in a resistor value of 6,8 Ohm what you can use. Many car BCM accept also 8,2 Ohm or 10 Ohm resistors what produce a bit less heat. Please take care that the resistor can handle a least 25 Watt power. 


Manual (pdf)


Dimensions:40 mm x 25 mm x 12,5 mm
Body material:ABS
Input voltage range:7 - 18 Volt
Connections:Inputs 0,14 mm², Outputs 0,5 qmm
Output power:Max. 50 Watt / Output
Maximum ambience temperature:   80 degree Celsius

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