Mätarkluster Chevrolet 1957 Car VHX

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Dakota Digital VHX för Chevrolet Car 1957
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Arguably the pinnacle of 1950’s design, the 1957 Chevy dash is a favorite among builders.
VHX-57C triples the amount of information available without modification.
Stock indicators can be retained, or connected to VHX control box for full integration.
Fits original gauge housing and can be used with factory or reproduction trim rings, (sold separately).

Fully lit needles, backlit faces, and highly visible LCD message centers are a few of the things that you can see which set the VHX Series apart from
yesterday’s traditional approach to instrumentation.
A few of the features which you don’t normally see are the micro-controlled precision stepper motors,
solid state sensors for unparalleled accuracy, and user-customizable display feedback, all supported by an unrivaled
limited lifetime warranty which has become the standard for Dakota Digital instrumentation systems .
Completely engineered and manufactured at our facility in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, the VHX Series has completely revolutionized the instrumentation industry!




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Om vi inte har ditt kluster på hyllan så är leveranstiden...
ca 10 - 14  veckor på miles-mätare
ca 14 - 18 Veckor på km just nu pga hög belastning.

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