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Tändspole, Inductive Smart Coil (Mototron)
IGN1A  3477 / 2506
Grym tändspole som är grym till metanoldrivna fordon och höga cylindertryck. Drar upp till 20A.


Passar bla:  Installing IGN1A coils with one of FuelTech's PRO550 or PRO600 harnesses is a breeze with their plug-and-play V8 smart coil harnes
Part number : 3477 / 2506

UPC: 810060861837
Max Voltage: 40,000 V
Up to: 175mj of energy
Sparc discharge time 3,2ms
Max dwell: up to 9ms
Coils consume 20 amps each while sending150mA of current to spark plug

Pin A: Signal från ECU.

Pin A: Signal från ECU (Coil Trigger (0-5V signal))
Pin B: Jord. (Coil Trigger (Ref Ground))
Pin C: Jord. (Ground to Cylinder Head)
Pin D: Jord. (Battery Ground)
Pin E: +12V. (Battery Positive (Relay or switched ignition))
(Se bild för inkoppling.)

Tändhatt av typen SAE 6,5mm för tändspole passar denna spole.

Deliver CDI-like spark energy-No CDI Module needed

Cost less than aftermarket LS1 coils

Can be mounted almost anywhere

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